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Protect Your Property And More With Tree Trimming



Overgrown trees and rotting tree branches can put your property at risk. Let the experienced professionals at Cougar Tree Service remove dead, damaged, or diseased branches to preserve the life of your tree and keep your property safe.

Complete Tree Services

  • Crown thinning
  • Tree and stump removal and grinding
  • Trimming, reduction preservation and safety pruning
  • Fine pruning of ornamental shrubs and trees

A Lot More Than Just Tree Services

  • Storm damage tree care and removal
  • Tree inspection and diagnosis to identify issues such as pests, diseases or structural problems

Gain More Useable Space With Stump Grinding



If you haven't been able to fully enjoy your yard because of big, ugly tree stumps, it's time you get rid of them. Call the team at Cougar Tree Service to safely remove these stumps so that you can gain more useable space.

Along with taking up unnecessary space in your yard, tree stumps can be a real nuisance and even a health or safety hazard. We've been in the tree care business for 30 years and can grind down your tree stumps efficiently, making your yard safer.

Safe Tree Trimming Services



Pruning service
Pruning and leafing
Branch removal
Branch removal
Cutting edge equipment
Cutting edge equipment
Tree & shrub Pruning
Tree and shrub pruning
Tree removal
Tree removal any size
Storm Clean up
Storm clean-up

Let's make taking care of your trees easy